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Thea was born in South Africa where she lived for most of her life. She moved to England in 2008 where she enjoyed many wonderful years living and working in Surrey. In 2015 Thea made a career change and moved to Malta where she now continues living following retirement from the financial services sector in 2019.

Creating mosaic pieces started out as a hobby with the occasional bespoke project being commissioned from time to time. Thea always enjoyed working with her hands and being creative.

To create the mirrors, Thea draws inspiration from traditional Maltese floor tiling styles, the colourful Maltese pottery and ceramic works and the ocean surrounding the island.  The mosaic crosses pay tribute to Malta’s famous heritage, churches, cathedrals and the Maltese respect for religion. 

Thea’s mosaic mirrors can be enjoyed as a unique artwork, but with a very practical everyday use, while the crosses can bring peace and solace anywhere they are displayed. Each work of art is unique and Thea’s reward and fulfilment lie in the appreciation people have for the rustic and honest look of each individual piece.

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